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For Our Clients

Finding the personal trainer, physiotherapist, or nutrition coach for your needs is one click away. bookaLEAP app simplifies the discovery and booking process, making it easier than ever to connect with qualified professionals in your area.

From location-based searches to transparent profiles and ratings, we ensure you have all the information you need to make the best choice for your wellness needs.

Download the bookaLEAP app to book your first session!



Easily find qualified personal trainers, physiotherapists, and nutrition coaches in your area using our location-based search and map view.



Browse detailed profiles, view transparent ratings and reviews, and make informed decisions in selecting the right professional for their needs.


Schedule and pay for sessions securely through the app, with
real-time availability and hassle-free booking management.

Based in The Netherlands

Based in Portugal

To get more information about our wellness professionals and book your first session!



  • How do I find the right professional for my specific fitness goals on bookaLEAP?
    To find the ideal professional tailored to your goals on bookaLEAP, utilize our map feature or search by specific categories related to your fitness objectives. You can easily browse through detailed profiles that provide comprehensive information about each professional's expertise, ensuring you make an informed choice that aligns perfectly with your needs.
  • What services are available through bookaLEAP?
    At bookaLEAP, you can explore a wide array of services offered by our professionals, ranging from personal training to physiotherapy and nutrition coaching from here. For a more comprehensive understanding of the services and session details, we encourage you to visit our app.
  • What kind of qualifications and experience do the trainers, physiotherapists, and nutrition coaches on your platform have?
    The professionals on bookaLEAP are qualified and certified in their respective fields, encompassing personal training, physiotherapy, and nutrition coaching. Each professional's credentials and experience have been verified to ensure they meet our standards of expertise and reliability.
  • Is there a way to compare different professionals before making a choice?
    Yes! On bookaLEAP app, you have the ability to compare different professionals by reviewing their profiles, along with the ratings and reviews they have received from other users.
  • How does the booking and payment process work on your platform?
    The booking and payment process on bookaLEAP is streamlined for ease and security. Firstly, choose a professional and select the service you desire. Then, you can book your session directly through our app. For payments, we use Stripe, a highly secure and trusted payment processing system, ensuring that your transactions are safe and hassle-free.
  • What happens if I need to cancel or reschedule a session?
    Our cancellation policy is designed to be fair to both our clients and professionals. Here's how it works: If you cancel more than 24 hours before your appointment, you will receive a full refund. If you cancel with more than 8 hours but less than 24 hours remaining until your appointment, you will receive a 50% refund. Cancellations made with less than 8 hours remaining until the appointment are non-refundable. We understand that unexpected situations can arise. In special circumstances, such as presenting a medical report, we may be able to offer more flexible options. Please contact us for further assistance in such cases.
  • Are there any membership fees or additional costs associated with using bookaLEAP?
    There are no membership fees or hidden additional costs for our customers. You only pay for the sessions or services that you book, ensuring a straightforward and cost-effective experience every time you use our platform.
  • Can I communicate with my Wellness Professional directly in the app?
    Yes! Once you've completed a booking, our in-app chat feature enables you to directly communicate with your trainer. This makes it easy to discuss your fitness goals, ask questions, and make any necessary arrangements prior to your session.
  • What are the requirements or criteria to join your platform as a trainer, physiotherapist, or nutrition coach?
    To join bookaLEAP as a trainer, physiotherapist, or nutrition coach, you need to possess relevant qualifications and certifications in your field. These credentials must be uploaded and verified during the registration process to ensure the highest standards of service and expertise on our platform.
  • How is bookaLEAP different from traditional fitness or wellness agencies?
    bookaLEAP distinguishes itself from traditional agencies by being a tech-driven, client-centric platform. We focus on enhancing the visibility of wellness professionals; providing marketing support, and managing client management. Unlike standard agencies, our marketing efforts are primarily directed toward attracting a wide range of clients to the platform, thereby increasing the potential client base for our partners. In addition, bookaLEAP offers features that help you manage your business with greater professionalism and efficiency, all at no extra charge.
  • Is there a subscription fee or commission for being listed on bookaLEAP?
    For our wellness professionals, bookaLEAP does not charge any subscription fee. We operate on a commission-based model, where a modest commission is taken on bookings completed through the app. The remaining amount is promptly transferred to your account. This structure ensures that we only succeed when you do, aligning our interests with your professional growth and success.
  • Are there any hidden fees or charges that I should be aware of?
    At bookaLEAP, we operate with a commitment to transparency, ensuring that there are no hidden fees or unexpected charges. Unlike any other platforms, we do not impose fixed fees. Our partners are only charged a commission on the bookings they receive through our platform. This approach ensures that our interests are closely aligned with your success and business growth.
  • Can I offer my own promotions or discounts through the bookaLEAP platform?
    Yes! As a valued partner, you have the flexibility to offer personalized promotions and discounts to your clients. These can be easily managed and tailored to your preferences through our bookaLEAP Partner App.
  • How does bookaLEAP support my independence as a professional compared to working with an agency?
    bookaLEAP is dedicated to fostering your business growth while ensuring you maintain complete professional independence. Unlike traditional agencies, our platform functions as a free marketplace, where you have the autonomy to manage your services, set your prices, and build client relationships on your terms. Our goal is to cultivate a vibrant community of independent professionals, offering a supportive environment that respects and encourages your entrepreneurial spirit.
  • Is there a non-compete clause or restriction if I join bookaLEAP? Can I still offer my services independently or through other platforms?
    At bookaLEAP, we impose no restrictions or non-compete clauses on our partners. You are completely free to offer your services independently or through other platforms as well. We aim to be your preferred app for promoting your services and managing your business, but we fully support your freedom to explore and engage with multiple avenues for your professional growth and client reach.
  • What type of control do I have over the services I offer on bookaLEAP?
    On bookaLEAP, you hold complete control over the services you provide, including setting your own pricing and determining your availability. However, we also offer continuous feedback regarding market conditions and pricing strategies. We aim to ensure that your pricing remains fair and reflects a clear correlation between your level of experience and the value of your services. This approach is designed to help you stay competitive while also maximizing your potential on our platform.
  • Can I update my service details, prices, and availability after creating my profile?
    Yes! Once you have created your profile on bookaLEAP, you retain the flexibility to update your service offerings, prices, and availability at any time. These changes can be conveniently made through our bookaLEAP Partner app.
  • How does bookaLEAP handle disputes or issues between clients and professionals?
    At bookaLEAP, we take a fair and structured approach to resolving disputes between clients and professionals. We handle these situations in accordance with our Terms & Conditions, which are clearly outlined and available for review during the registration process.
  • What kind of marketing support does bookaLEAP provide, and how does it work?
    bookaLEAP offers marketing support designed to enhance your visibility and promote your services effectively. We employ various marketing methods, which may vary depending on the type of services you offer and your geographical location. Our primary goal is to reach as many potential clients as possible, so as we promote our app and platform, your profile and services also receive significant exposure.
  • How does the booking management system work, and can I integrate it with my personal calendar?
    The booking management system on our app is designed for ease and efficiency. It offers the capability to synchronize seamlessly with your phone’s calendar. By granting the app access to your phone’s calendar, you can conveniently add your bookings with just a click.
  • How does bookaLEAP handle client cancellations or rescheduling, and will I be compensated for late cancellations?
    At bookaLEAP, we have a clear cancellation policy in place to protect both our clients and partners. Here's how it works: If a client cancels more than 24 hours before the appointment, they will receive a full refund. If a cancellation occurs with more than 8 hours but less than 24 hours remaining until the appointment, the client will receive a 50% refund, and as the partner, you will receive 50% of the session fee. For cancellations made with less than 8 hours remaining until the appointment, the client will not receive a refund, and you, the trainer, will receive the full booking fee. This policy is designed to respect the time and commitment of our professionals while also providing fair terms to clients.
  • How is the payment process handled on bookaLEAP, and how will I receive my earnings?
    Our payment system is seamlessly integrated with Stripe, ensuring secure and efficient transactions. When a client makes a payment, it is initially transferred to our account via Stripe. We then deduct the agreed-upon commission and promptly transfer the remaining amount to your bank account.
  • Can I communicate with my client directly in the app?
    Yes! Our in-app chat feature allows you to reach out to your client once you receive a booking. This enables direct communication to discuss session details, answer any queries, and prepare effectively for the upcoming sessions.
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